Net Mimarlık

Net Mimarlik is an interior design company founded by Ali Doruk and his partners in Istanbul, 1997. The company focuses on commercial interior design, especially offices, stores, restaurants and hotels, and offers design and/or build services in the region.

Net Mimarlik believes that design can enhance corporate performance and support the attainment of business goals. Therefore, design is not an abstract exercise in combining shapes, forms and materials for us. Design is a constructional, design and architectural problem solving process to create a unique and innovative solution that will be a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics for the benefit of our clients. We progress in line with our design philosophy and create spaces with the help of the current tools and necessities. Driven by enthusiasm, we treat each project with our fullest commitment and integrity.

Our mission is to create inspiring environments that enhance interior spaces. To realise this, we elevate problem solving to an art form: we create places that enrich and diversify people's sensations and improve their experience.

‘Interior design is an art of enhancing the interiors – and so the human experience.’

Ali Doruk