Net Mimarlık
Bain & Company Our studio was appointed to design the new office space for the growing Bain & Company of their new The Bosphorus view office, located on the 10th floor of the circular form office building: Flooring space with panoramic view of the The Bosphorus. Design Perception: The challenge: using the building circular geometry and creating efficient spaces. The design process starts with creating radial axis from core and split it with circulation torus; it creates straight trapeziums spaces for open /closed offices and meeting rooms. Focus point: Another design principal is creating a multipurpose interactive unit to gather people both business and social proposes. Area located the most common part of the office faced both circulation and offices areas. Row wood layered design hides all the hardware units but however act as see through partition. Organic fluidity: Designing chamfered ceiling edges at the circular form building creates homogenous lighting reflections. Diffused light breaks side effects of the low ceiling. Natural light: Creating radial axis perpendicular to the facade for transmitting natural light to inner core. While transmitting natural light over radial axis, gathering light due to translucent material. Coherent material usage: Material decision made by the identity of the global firm and light fluidity. To create light circulation geometry and light used together. Lighter colors reflect the light all around the area with the smooth effect of chamfered edges. Neutral touch of grayscale colors provides to create identity in order to


Bain & Company

Akmerkez, İstanbul


Project : Net Mimarlık

Application : Net Mimarlık