This nearly 2500 m2 project sought to create a motivating yet relaxing environment for the employees. Thus the concept board for this evolved around Dynamic, Geometric, Intriguing and Motivation. Kenna Metal delivers productivity to customers with innovative custom and standard wear resistant solutions. The same advanced materials sciences and knowledge was expected and delivered in this Design and Build Project by Net Mimarlik. While designing spaces, Corporate Identity has been assimilated and reflected through colors and geometry. Because of the low ceiling height, more translucent and fresh colors have been used to create a vigorous atmosphere. Special designed ceiling illumination provides a dynamic space and colors reflect the energy of the company. A good office design is all about motivating and engaging your workforce, which can help improve performance and efficiency.


Kenna Metal

Dudullu, İstanbul

2013, 2500m²

Project : Net Mimarlık

Application : Net Mimarlık