Renaissance Construction, founded in St.Petersburg in 1993, is the leading company of Renaissance Holding. It is among the top 100 international contractors in the world and is the second biggest international contractor in Turkey. When designing the 1000 m² office space for them, The Goal was to Design the space, with a concept which reflects their Principals of Rönesans Construction’s strategy of Growth. • Organic growth in new markets • Diversified field of activities • New joint ventures and acquisitions • Synergy gained by constant collaboration with Real Estate Development and Energy business streams. The Concept was achieved by using a flair of Industrial design, for its appetite to discover structures, to unveil hidden elements and to unmask those fragments that are normally behind the scene. They become the pieces that produce a “change of view”. Hence raw construction materials have been applied in the Interior, in a polished atmosphere to give a unique look and feel to the main reception, but not making it overwhelming. The Ceilings have hung T beams, with light fixtures accentuating the Amalgamation of Raw and Chic. As we venture further into the office space, the Industrial design, slowly advances into sophistication, showing diversity, but not letting loose of the root of design.


Ronesans Istanbul

Rönesans Istanbul

2012, 1000m²

Project : Net Mimarlık

Application : Net Mimarlık